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Parks and Playgrounds

Park reservations can be made up to a year in advance by Milpitas residents and up to 6 months in advance by non-residents. Reservation must be made a minimum of 5 business days prior to date of use. All reservations and payments must be made in person and payment in the form of cash, cashier's check, money order or VISA or MasterCard. Depending on the type of event, additional charges and/or insurance may be required. Fees below include the non-refundable $20 application fee. Please Note: All fees and facility rules and regulations are subject to change.

Visit the City Recreation Services Web Site for maps and additional reservation information on these City parks.

Calle Oriente Park
Calle Oriente off North Park Victoria Drive
A nice little neighborhood park with 2 picnic table, handball court with 10 group capacity and playground.
Cardoza Park
Kennedy Drive off North Park Victoria Drive
This 10-acre park features a lighted ball diamond, 2 horseshoe pits, volleyball poles and outdoor amphitheater. A great place for functions. It also includes 8 BBQ pits, 19 picnic tables, restrooms, playground, and parking for 133. Adjacent to the Milpitas Sports Center.

Creighton Park
Olympic west of South Park Victoria Drive
4 BBQ pits, 9 picnic tables, 20 group capacity and playground. A great site for family picnics and outings.

Dixon Landing Park

Dixon Landing Road and Milmont at Interstate 880
This 11-acre park has 3 tennis courts, 6 BBQ pits, 10 picnic tables, softball diamond, basketball court and playground. Restrooms are available and parking space for 84. This park is a terrific place for gatherings.

Ed Levin County Park/Sandy Wool Lake
Go east up Calaveras Road
Owned and maintained by Santa Clara County, may be reached via Calaveras Boulevard. Boating, fishing, hiking, picnic facilities, BBQ pits and restrooms are a few of the features to be found here. For additional information call 408-262-6980 or for reservations call 408-358-3741.

Foothill Park
Rosewell Drive at Rosewell Court
A nice little 4-acre park that includes 3 BBQ pits, 4 picnic tables, 20 parking spaces, Restrooms, 25 group capacity and playground.

Gill Memorial Park

Paseo Refugio and Santa Rita off North Hillview Drive

A great place for the sports-included, 8.1-acre park has 3 tennis courts, 1 lighted softball diamond, a basketball court and 2 handball courts. Restrooms are available. There are 8 picnic tables with BBQ pits, play equipment and parking space for 20.

Hall Memorial Park
LaHonda and Coyote
Two BBQ pits, 6 picnic tables, tennis court, restrooms, 25 group capacity makes this 9.5 acre park a nice place to enjoy outdoor activities.

Hidden Lake Park
North Milpitas Boulevard, north of Escuela Parkway
A sweet little 6.5-acre park with 2 BBQ pits, 3 picnic tables and lake with ducks provides a nice place to relax.

Higuera Adobe Park
Wessex off North Park Victoria Drive
A historical, adobe sits on this 5.5-acre site that includes 8 BBQ pits, 16 picnic tables, playground and restrooms with parking space of 20.

Hillcrest Park
Fieldcrest off Cresent
This 5.2-acre park includes BBQ pits, playground, 8 picnic tables and a 15 group capacity.

Jones Memorial Park
Jacklin at Hillview
5.2-acre park, 5 picnic tables, par course, playground, BBQ pits with a group capacity of 30.

Murphy Park
Yellowstone east of South Park Victoria Drive
Watch or play tennis in the 4 lighted courts in this 8.7-acre park. Has a group capacity of 50, 6 picnic tables, BBQ pits, volleyball poles and playground. Restrooms and parking space of 18 are available.

Pinewood Park
Lonetree and Starlite Court
With 8-acres of fun, this park offers basketball courts, 4 tennis courts, play equipment, 2 BBQ pits, 4 picnic tables. Group capacity of 30 and restrooms.

Sandalwood Park
Russell Lane and Escuela Parkway
This nice little 3.5-acre neighborhood park is good for lunchtime picnics with the kids. It features 3 BBQ pits, 3 tables, play equipment and horseshoe pits.

Selwyn Park
Selwyn Drive off Dempsey Road
This small neighborhood park provides kids with playground, 2 picnic tables complete with BBQ pits. Parking space of 10 also available.

Sinnott Park
Clear Lake and Tahoe
This 4.7-acre park includes par course, play equipment, 2 BBQ pits and 3 picnic tables. Restrooms, parking space of 30 also available with a group capacity of 20.

Starlite Park
Rudyard and Abbott Avenue
This 4-acre park has 5 picnic tables, 3 BBQ pits, horseshoe pits, restrooms, play equipment, and a group capacity of 15.

Strickroth Park
North Milpitas Boulevard to East Tramway
This 5.7-acre has parking space for 25, 6 picnic tables, BBQ pits, play equipment and a group capacity of 25.

Yellowstone Park
Yellowstone Avenue and South Park Victoria Drive
This 4-acre park includes parking space of 50 and four lighted tennis courts.



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